Even more love for Disco 2 and P38 subwoofers

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Even more love for Disco 2 and P38 subwoofers

So a few years back, in October 2020 we released a subwoofer upgrade/repair kit for the dual subwoofers found in the rear of P38 Range Rovers in the side trim and on the rear door of the Discovery 2. In both vehicles these subwoofers are often totally knackered but eitherway the kit included the Audison Prima 165 speakers which are a massive improvement over the standard speakers.

The kits have proved really popular which isn't surprising as we made sure to include necessary connectors to make the job totally DIY-proof.

This evening I am working on a future Discovery 2 product which had me down the rabbit hole of audio components and I noticed there were a bunch of other options that might fit so I have spent the last couple of hours going through dims and specs to work out what will work and ordering some initial stock from our suppliers. 

So there are now cheaper options, another option of the same price and some premium options.....pretty sure that should cover all bases now!

The updated listing can be found here

Stay tuned as I get back to what I'm supposed to be working on for the Discovery 2!!


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