Diagnostic and ECU Programming

Pretty much all Land Rovers and Range Rovers since the late 1990's have at least one ECU with specialist ECU's for things like ABS, Alarm, Air suspension etc. 

These ECU modules store data and fault codes which require specialist readers to communicate with which we have.

The most common use for all this is to diagnose dashboard warning lights to work out what work is required. We do this lots for some of our customers that prefer to do DIY work on their Land Rovers. An example of this would be the "3 Amigos" on Discovery 2 and TD5 Defenders, the error presents itself usually with the below 3 warning lights....."ABS", "Hill-Descent" and "Traction Control".
By plugging into the vehicle and reading fault codes and live data from the wheel sensors we can indicate which wheel sensor(s) are faulty and we even stock the wheel sensors should you wish to purchase to change yourself.

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An example of ECU programming we often perform for customers is the conversion from air suspension to coil suspension on vehicles like the Land Rover Discovery. Sometimes the air suspension system becomes problematic, especially on earlier vehicles like the Discovery 2 or sometimes we have customers who go on long distance trips in their Discovery and don't want the risk of air suspension failure (ask us how we know about this.....not fun!).
So the air suspension bags are removed, coil springs are fitted.....we can do this or it's not a bad DIY job, then we plug into the vehicle and change the suspension from air to coil and that's it. If the air suspension is converted physically by us then we offer the programming for free and if the kit is DIY fitted by yourself then we can offer a heavily discounted rate, we have no problem with people doing DIY work unlike other companies, we totally understand that for many of us this is all part of the fun of owning a Land Rover.