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FAR - Land Rover Discovery 2/Range Rover P38 Tailgate subwoofer upgrade/repair kit - Audison or Hertz

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The tailgate of the Discovery 2 has an optional subwoofer enclosure fixed to it. These contained bass drivers which are prone to failing on the perimeter of the cone and only get worse and more brittle with age.

Inside the load area of the Range Rover P38 tucked in the side opposite to the fuel tank is a subwoofer enclosure which are fitted with the same bass drivers as the Discovery 2, we have yet to see one with speakers that have yet to break down and fail.

We have come up with a simple kit designed to use off the shelf drivers to replace the pair of drivers in the subwoofer enclosure. Each kit contains a pair of speakers to replace the pair in a Discovery 2 or P38, so 1 kit per vehicle.

We provide new screws and terminals to be fitted to the existing wiring loom when installing. A video guide will be added soon.

We now offer this kit in different models ranging in price and performance. Feel free to get in touch if you want to discuss.

Goes great with our stainless subwoofer grille designed for the Discovery 1/2 tailgate subs!