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  • Discovery 3 - 2.7
  • Range Rover Sport - 2.7 & 3.6
  • Discovery 4 - 3.0 - when timed climate is activated
  • Range Rover Sport - 3.0 - when timed climate is activated


FBHIC3 is activated by using the standard Land Rover blip using its 3rd button. It can also be controlled by SMS from your phone as well as with some smart phone SMS apps.

Ideal for warming your engine on cold winter mornings while sat in the comfort of your house, no need to go outside and start your engine to defrost the car. This is especially handy if you have a Discovery 3 with faulty or failed heater plugs that refuses to start in cold temperatures.

The heater is triggered using one of two main options. The first is your Land Rover original blip using its 3rd button when its set to control the follow me home headlights function as seen in your hand book pages 35 & 36, secondly by sending an SMS. (SIM card must be installed). Start and or stop the heater by pressing the blip to flash activate the head lights ON for 5 seconds and OFF before 10 seconds or by one of the many options added for control including pre set timed starts and tracking via SMS.

Will fit models
> Discovery 3 - 2.7
> Range Rover Sport - 2.7 & 3.6
> Discovery 4 - 3.0 - when timed climate is activated
> Range Rover Sport - 3.0 - when timed climate is activated

The FBHIC3 can only be fitted to the later Discovery 4/Range Rover 3.0 models when the “Timed Climate” software option is activation is enabled on the car. Without the timed climate software activated, the FBHIC3 will not work on Discovery 4.

This kit is primarily wired for RHD cars, due to the 12V Battery wire length LHD car users should modify the wire to extend it to the battery side of the LHD car.

After installation and first power up you should allow the FBHIC3 to sit idle for 10 mins, after this time has expired send the FBHIC3 a SMS with the command HE and wait for its reply to pair your phone to it. Once you receive the reply you can then start to use the FBHIC3.

1 - 3rd Land Rover button for Start/Stop control.
2 - SMS Manual control.
3 - SMS Control via 3rd party SMS apps, Thermocall set to TC3 is one, SMS Remote is another and there are also many more that you can pre populate button to SMS with should you prefer.
4 - Phone call with auto disconnect Start/Stop control. (To paired phone numbers only.)
5 - SMS controlled GPS tracking feeding back to you a Google maps web link of your location with various levels of notification from none at all to every 60 seconds, or even more spaced apart (Biscuit Crumb Message location links on SMS) up to a maximum of 60 minutes.
6 - Automatic clearing of faults.
7 - Automatic retry start attempts for bad starting heaters.  
8 - Automatic shut down on low battery voltage.
9 - Automatic FBH stop on engine start.
11 - Automatic engine start detection.
12 - External temperature sensor for behind the front grill giving you LOW & HI temp alerts on SMS -30º to +100ºC range sensor.
13 - 2nd temp sensor available separately for use inside the car.
14 - Various run modes e.g., immediate start, departure time ready @, be ready to temp @, are the basics around that.
15 - Fuel pump prime on SMS.
16 - Combustion fan test on SMS.  
17 - Water pump test on SMS.
18 - Clear faults manually on SMS.
19 - Diagnostic and statuses on SMS
20 - SMS message level/feedback response is customisable.
21 - Built in command and help menu by SMS the unit HE for help of which it then will reply with built in info and a link to command list.
22 - 2 x AUX GND outputs (explanation on possible use options later).
23 - 1 x 12V output (explanation on possible use options later).
24 - Externally wired start/stop switching option.
25 - Quad band GSM module with Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz making it compatible in nearly every country on any network with built in Jamming Detection with a GPS location accuracy or 2.5m CEP.
26 - Magnetic externally mounted dual GSM/GPS antenna helping with a good signal in the worst of signal areas (The magnetic antenna is ideal for locating behind the front grill on the metal horn bracket giving a good external view)
27 - Automotive grade components used so can be fitted in the engine compartment/battery box -30º to +100ºC compatible.