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Sadly a weak point on TDCI/PUMA Defenders is the coupler between the gearbox and the transfer box, historically this has always been a 1 piece item that sticks out the back of the gearbox and drives the transfer box but on the MT82 gearbox found on the TDCI/PUMA Defenders it is a removable flange on the rear of the gearbox with a splined input shaft which pushes into this flange. 
This works, but eventually you may get knocking on pulling away and on slowing down which will eventually result in a lack of drive altogether. 

The good news is that this is an easy fix and this kit provides all the parts you need to get you back on your wheels.
  • Defender - 2007 onwards


Repair kit for MT82 coupling flange & transfer box input shaft.

> Coupling flange
Input shaft
Retaining ring
Special bolt
Oil seals
Seal retaining clip
Anti-seize grease