LEDriving Reversing FX120 Square

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Bringing light to life with OSRAM LEDriving driving and working lights

Considerable foresight on dark country roads, forest paths off-road and on-road- this can be achieved with the OSRAM LEDriving Reversing FX120S-WD reversing lights. With its 13 powerful, high-performance LEDs, the LED reversing light has a range of up to 36 meters and thus offers the driver impressive foresight on-road and off-road. Even in dim light and reduced visibility due to external environmental influences, the OSRAM LEDriving Reversing FX120S-WD reversing light with up to 6000 Kelvin can provide conditions similar to daylight. The powerpackage with up to 1100 lumens of luminosity scores with highest optical efficiency and homogeneous light distribution. This results in the possibility of an improved view for you and the improved visibility of your vehicle by other road users, and consequently also increased safety on-road and off-road.
Whether on-road or off-road - the OSRAM LEDriving Reversing FX120S-WD reversing light impresses with its powerful performance and long service life. Versatile applicable, it defies numerous environmental influences and, thanks to high-quality materials such as the thermoplastic housing and the stable polycarbonate lens, it is particularly light and at the same time robust and resistant. The LEDdriving FX120S-WD reversing light has been tested and validated with the IP-Protection Class IP69K in our DIN certified environmental simulation laboratory for extreme external influences regarding water, dust, impacts, heat, cold and permanent vibration. The integrated driver and the thermal management system regulate the temperature of the LED reversing light and can thus prevent damage from overheating. The polarity protection inhibits the wrong polarity of the voltage supply and can thus prevent possible damage by automatically switching off the LEDs. On-road and off-road, the OSRAM LEDriving Reversing FX120S-WD reversing light is an effective addition to your vehicle. No registration or entry in the vehicle documents is necessary for these ECE-certified LED reversing lights.
The LED reversing light can be attached to cars, trucks, agricultural machinery, farm machinery, commercial vehicles, construction vehicles, caravans, off-road vehicles and quads2)
The OSRAM LEDriving Reversing FX120S-WD reversing lights are versatile applicable and flexible in use.