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Hi-Lift Bonnet mount for Land Rover Defender

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European Community Registered Design

The Far Corners Hi-Lift Bonnet mount for Land Rover Defenders fits all models of Defender including the new PUMA models. We have recently updated the design so that the light tab version fits the PUMA bonnet also.

The system replaces the two existing Land Rover hinges that are bolted to the bonnet with a heavy duty single body unit which uses the existing nylon hinge bushes and can be fitted in about 5-10 minutes by anyone (although you might need a couple of you to lift the bonnet off and on again)

Once fitted, the stainless jack mounted bolts (supplied) are slid into their channels on the system and then a Hi-Lift or similar off road jack can be mounted and secured using supplied fittings. The Hi-Lift can be locked using a padlock with a shackle upto 5mm in diameter.

The beauty of our design is that when placing a jack on the bonnet you want to be aware of how the ends of the jack are sitting so as not to endanger pedestrians...etc and also to not affect things like snorkels/aerials...etc. So with our system you place the jack on the rack, then you slide it to where you want it to sit then lock it all down, no lifting on and off until its in the right place.

Please note this product does not fit with roll cages or bonnet mounted spare wheels


  • Suitable for all models of Land Rover Defender

  • No modification or drilling to vehicle

  • All stainless steel fittings provided

  • Made from 4mm steel, zinc plated and powdercoated satin black

  • Adjustable width locating bolts.

  • Removable mounting bolts

  • Lockable (Padlock not provided)

  • Optional spot/fog/work lamp mounts x 2

  • Compatible with snorkels (although please contact us if you have double snorkels!)

  • Velcro strap provided to secure handle