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FAR - Defender wingtop bonnet cable security guard

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With bonnet thefts common in the world of Defenders (especially the "Puma" bonnet type), we have looked at what products we can design to offer extra security to bonnet thefts.

So this is our first product aimed at making Defender bonnet theft that little bit harder. The bonnet cable itself runs from the bulkhead on the drivers side (RHD) and passenger side (LHD), it then runs under the wingtop and round to the striker panel above the radiator. On RHD vehicles the wingtop panel on this side is a blank which is removed in seconds by removing the screws....exposing the bonnet cable and making it very simple to open the bonnet without unlocking the vehicle. 

Our wingtop bonnet cable guard sits underneath the blank wingtop panel where it is riveted in place (alternatively we provide stainless M5 hardware if you don't want to rivet in place). From the outside there is no visible difference (the blank wingtop panel is raised by 2mm) but there is no way of accessing the bonnet cable via this opening in the wingtop with our guard fitted. 

Our wingtop guard is fabricated in 2mm thick stainless steel and is extremely strong and durable.

Since releasing this product we have now introduced a 2mm shim for the opposite wing to raise that wingtop panel by 2mm to match. This is purely an aesthetic option and can be selected in the dropdown when adding the product to your basket.

If ordering just the wingtop guard you will receive stainless screws for that wingtop. If ordering the wingtop guard with the shim for the other wing you will receive 2 wings worth of stainless screws.