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FAR Numberplate accessory bracket

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We designed this simple bracket initially for Land Rover Range Rover P38/Discovery 2 vehicles but it is suitable for many other vehicles that use a standard format UK numberplate (520mm wide x 111mm high).

The bracket has mounting on top/bottom (depending on which way it's fitted) for worklights, lightbars, action cameras, reverse cameras….etc. There are 5 x M8 holes but can easily be modified if necessary.

Simple to fit, drill and bolts onto existing bumper or bodywork. Approximately 30 mins to fit by one person. Alternatively if access to the rear of the bumper/body panel is difficult then we supply rivets too which almost fit flush in the countersunk holes. The Range Rover P38 in the product pics is riveted on as removing the bumper would have been overkill and it's very solid.


  • 6 countersunk mounting holes to bolt to the vehicle

  • Numberplate can be fixed easily using double sided numberplate tape to the flat surface. (numberplate and tape not included)

  • Manufactured from 3mm aluminium

  • Powdercoat finished in satin black.

  • Supplied with stainless countersunk mounting bolts, washers and nuts.

  • Supplied with a selection of suitable rivets for alternative fitting method.

  • Lights not included.