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FAR Defender Wingtop Anderson Mount

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The first batch of these ships out on Monday 8th April latest, LHD ones will ship later in April, please get in touch for updates on these.

This is another of them products that I have been designing for ages but this one in particular just never pulled together, each design iteration "worked" but just looked rubbish or boring and then the project got shelved again.

This is the first version I have really liked, not just because of the way it looks but also the way it works and the way it is assembled.

The Anderson SB175 connector is a fantastic solution to high current connections such as demountable winches, jump leads, battery banks....etc and are used across many industries and are widely used for jump starting vehicles by recovery services.

The unique thing about them is there is no male or female connector, and no way of connecting the polarities wrong.

The SB175 is especially beneficial on Land Rover Defenders due to the factory location of the vehicle battery being under the passenger seat which can be a pain for jump starting.

Firstly, this replaces the wingtop blank trim cover on the opposite side of the vehicle to the heater matrix. At the moment we've only made a batch of RHD versions which fit on the drivers side of a RHD Defender but we have designed the LHD version and it'll be on the next manufacture run so drop us a message if you want to be on the list for these.

No modification to the vehicle is required 


There is an optional security base for this mount too which is a variation of our bonnet cable security guards for TDCI Defenders to restrict access to the bonnet cable running underneath, you'll see this in the drop down options.


- 3mm Aluminium construction.

- Designed to fit Anderson SB175 plugs

- Modular construction makes installation easy and can be taken apart to deep clean.

- No modification to vehicle necessary

- Optional stainless security base for TDCI models (or anyone that wants to restrict access into the area below the wing.....this component DOES require vehicle modification in the way of 5mm holes drilling to allow the security guard to be bolted or riveted into place.

- Stainless steel hardware including to fit to vehicle and to fit Anderson SB175 (Anderson SB175 not included)