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FAR - Defender wingtop air ram

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A very simple product that we have designed for the warmer months of the year. We all know how warm our Defender's can get so we wanted to make an air ram that could deliver as much air as possible into the air intake for the cabin....especially effective for vehicles with air conditioning which struggle with airflow when it's really hot!

This is a very new product to us, we made these on the morning of the 8th March 2019 so we are still testing to see if some of the other features work effectively. Namely we are hoping that things like bugs (especially of the stinging variety) are kept on the outside rather than drawn into the cab through the vent by means of a slot at the back of the ram which should hopefully be where they end up! We will keep this page and our social media channels posted on this. 

Fitment is very easy, we supply a full set of stainless screws for both sides of the vehicle so when you fit this you can renew all of your bolts.

Available in both LHD and RHD variants.

Available in raw aluminium and black powdercoated aluminium (satin finish)