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FAR Defender windscreen light mount in Stainless Steel

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Over the years we have had to make some one off light brackets for one purpose or another and one that received compliments and praise was a piece of aluminium that was folded and clamped behind a bulkhead bracket hours before a night greenlane trip to mount a small spotlight. 

Now we have a slightly more polished design to offer. Made from 2mm 304 Stainless steel and then powdercoated satin black these brackets provide a mounting place for small worklights/spotlights. 

The product is made up of two parts, the main bracket and a small flat spacer to bring out the top of the bulkhead hinge bracket by the same amount to avoid misalignment of the panels.

Available as a pair and or per side.

Uses existing fittings but does come with extra seals to protect your paintwork.

  • FAR0502L = Left Side (Passenger RHD, Driver LHD)

  • FAR0502R = Right Side (Drivers RHD, Passenger LHD)

  • FAR0502P = Pair

Light not included