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FAR Defender TDCI second row underseat subwoofer wiring kit

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This wiring kit is designed to go with our second row underseat subwoofer mounting kit for Defender TDCI models

The kit extends the power and high level speaker wires.

The high level speaker wires pass under the vehicle and back into the vehicle where the rear light clusters are and take a feed from the load area speakers.

The power wires pass under the vehicle and into the battery box to connect to the vehicle battery.

This kit includes:

  • Wiring and terminals for high level audio and power connections
  • Conduit for power wires and for high level speaker wires.
  • Cable ties for securing wires in conduit.
  • Comprehensive fitting instructions.

What you will need:

  • Something to cut wires (this can be a set of pliers with cutters built in at a push)
  • Something to strip wires (again this can be pliers or a sharp blade)
  • Something to crimp insulated and uninsulated terminals (we provide both)
  • Something to warm up heatshrink (this can be a lighter, heatgun....etc)

Worst case scenario you are looking at 2 hours to wire this kit although in most cases this will be much quicker.