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FAR - Defender TD5 onwards fuel filter relocation kit

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Defender TD5 onwards vehicles have the fuel filter on the rear chassis rail near the shock absorber top mount.

With normal suspension setups this location does not pose any issues but when fitting pin mount top shock mounts like ours or from other manufacturers the filter requires moving forward and upwards slightly. Most top mounts will state whether or not the fuel filter will require relocating.

Our kit simply bolts to the existing chassis mounting holes and the filter housing can be moved (after unclipping fuel hoses) to it's new location. No pipework needs to be disconnected during the fitting process.

Our kit is different from others out there as we have designed ours as a solid, one piece product which has a front and back plate which are offset rather than a single plate which is offset using standoffs. The reason we did this is having seen vehicles with the standoff style brackets fitted and mud was trapped between the chassis and the back of the mounting plate which had let to a corrosion hole in the chassis. The solution for us was to have a backplate which bolts flat onto the face of the chassis which can be treated with waxoil/dinitrol....etc before hand. Any mud that is trapped by the bracket no longer poses any concern to the chassis and our bracket is made from zinc plated, 5mm thick steel so is plenty safe from corrosion.