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MK2 of our popular steering guard. Back when we designed our original steering guard we set out to make the strongest on the market, avoiding areas of weakness that we had seen over the years and making the recovery points an optional element to end up with a modular steering guard that would fit most customer's needs. 

MK2 involves a strip down of the original, we have saved 18% against the equivalent setup on the original product without compromising on strength. We have put the original weights in the specifications below as a comparison.

Our steering guard for Land Rover Defender vehicles has been developed in response to customer's who have wanted a very strong steering guard that will put up with the abuse of harsh off road routes.

The brackets for our steering guard are made from 8mm thick stainless steel for the very best in corrosion prevention. These are left raw due to the nature of the product, please get in touch if you'd like yours powdercoated, we can do any colour and our powdercoat runs are almost always weekly. Previously these were mild steel and galvanised....this was great but we wanted to improve our product and changing to stainless just made so much sense when we discussed possibilities for MK2 given how much abuse this product gets from the elements and off road trails.

The skid plate is no longer available in 8mm galvanised steel due to the extreme weight increase this adds, instead we offer 8mm Aluminium either raw or powdercoated black (please allow a few extra days for this as we often paint to order)

The skid plate has been designed to be exactly that, we found that many steering guards out there have lots of cutouts which can get snagged on roots, logs and just generally cause a drag in mud....so we wanted ours to be smooth and strong.

Our steering guard also has optional recovery points, these can be fitted to both or one side or not at all. Our removable recovery points are very substantial 8mm thick stainless steel brackets which unlike other guards which have removable eyes bolted to the side, ours fix to the chassis, through the main chassis brackets and the skid plate to avoid any twisting and giving you the most solid recovery point possible. 

Recovery points are raw stainless steel, we can offer these powdercoated in any colour so please get in touch if you require yours to be painted which is popular in bright or contrasting colours to help locate recovery points in a low visibility situation. 

Another point to make of our recovery points is that the actual eyes do not sit below the extended profile of the lower section of the skid plate in an effort to keep them as out the way as possible whilst still being functional.

All fixings are provided that you will need to install, all fixings are high quality stainless steel A4 grade.

Stainless steel and aluminium react when placed together so we supply rubber washers where these materials would otherwise touch. There may still be some areas where the materials contact which can be treated with a layer of grease but all in all the benefits of the use of stainless steel and aluminium together far outweigh any corrosion they may suffer, especially given the 8mm thickness of the materials. 

If you would like custom colours please order the plain aluminium steering guard in the format you require and leave a note in the order for us to contact you.

If you would like 1 recovery point only, please select this option and we will get in touch to confirm which side you require.


  • Weight (with 2 x recovery points) = 14.6kg

  • Weight (with 1 x recovery point) = 12.8kg

  • Weight (no recovery points) = 11kg