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FAR Defender stainless steel headlamp guards

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We designed these headlamp guards after seeing years of cosmetic headlamp guards which either required new mounting holes in the thin aluminium on the headlamp body panel or featured no structural bracing over side/indicator lamps. Many of these headlamp guards actually wobble and move with the idling of the engine.

Anyway, each of our headlamp guards is made from 3 parts, this includes 2 subframe parts and 1 front guard. At the moment all parts are made from stainless steel but we will be offering these in aluminium for the weight conscious, please contact us for information on this.

The subframe parts are left in natural stainless steel finish which is sanded and deburred, the front guard is available in natural stainless steel finish which is sanded and deburred or a satin black powdercoat for an extremely durable finish. We can paint the front guard in custom colours including Land Rover paint codes, please get in touch if you are interested in this and we'll provide a quote.

Mounting is via existing holes, no drilling or modification is required. 

The front guards are held on with security fixings for which we provide a driver insert.

These are designed to be extremely strong and durable, if you manage to damage the guards then chances are you've smashed the rest of your wing/front end!



    • Fully stainless steel construction (aluminium on request)


    • A4 stainless fixings, including new trim screws and sidelight/indicator screws.


    • Subframe design braces impacts and spreads this weight onto the panel.


    • Front guard plate available in a natural finish or a Matte black 2k finish.