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FAR - Defender Seatbox Corner Protectors

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A very high wearing area in Land Rover Defenders is the corner of the seatbox....especially with the factory fitted rubber matting which breaks down and goes on this corner on every Defender we have seen. Carpet is harder wearing on the corners but still suffers over time. 

There are lots of options on the market for these from plastic edge trims to steel, aluminium and stainless products.

We wanted to bring our own product out for this as it's something we use alot on workshop projects and something we get asked about by Defender owners.

Our version is made in 2mm stainless steel, and is profiled to match the angles of the seatbox for a nice close fit. The bottom edge follows the angle of the sill to look aesthetically pleasing.

Available in a brushed stainless finish or a satin black finish....we have also done some of these in "Raptor" paint which looks really good.....get in touch for more details.

Sold as a pair

Can be riveted or bolted on so we supply both rivets and stainless nuts and bolts so you can decide.