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FAR - Defender MOSSpod (PRE PUMA)

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In the workshop we have fitted and worked with dash pods/ switch pods from most manufacturers out there and that is where the design decisions for our own dash pod originate. We focused on ease of access, ease of fitting and high quality finish.

So here's the FAR MOSSpod, named after Moss, the official Far Corners dog, he has been with us since day 1 and sadly left us at the end of 2023.

The MOSSpod is designed to be a dash pod which can be easily adapted and expanded through use of various plates.

Fitted to the top rail in any Defender with the original style dashboard (Pre PUMA) by using the supplied M6 bolts and nuts (see photo above). The MOSSpod differs from others because the front and top can be removed independently which means if you want to check on your wiring you can take the lid off without disturbing your switches/ gauges/ sockets. However you can also remove the front panel as is common with other brands.

The MOSSpod gives an impressive amount of usable space for gauges and switches because we designed it to fit between the two windscreen demisters with a footprint of 348mm.

To installers this means no more blindly cramming or pulling wires or connectors in your dash and it also helps the DIY installer produce a really tidy and well wired setup. 

We have really gone to town with the front plates, with 22 standard variations and a custom option.

Some of the photos show some additional pieces on the outside with 12v sockets in, this was for a custom vehicle build. We will be bringing these out shortly, we are just deciding exactly how we want to do this. The ones in the photos are 3D printed but we may end up milling these.


Front plates are available here 



- 2mm Stainless Steel construction

- Satin black powdercoat (photos show some panels as being raw, this was specifically for the prototype run.

- All stainless hardware and fitting hardware provided.