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FAR - Defender load-area stainless door sill trim

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The tailgate trim on Defenders with a side hinge door is mild steel with a galvanised treatment and as such can start to appear pretty tarnished and "naff" after not much time at all (even less time if you have a pickup side hinge tailgate and it's exposed to the elements....or if you have a leaky Defender (surely not a leaky Land Rover!!!)

Anywho, we made a replacement version, the same as the original but in 304 Stainless steel in a brushed finish with stainless screws to original specification.

...which brings us to this, before ordering please try to undo all of the screws (carefully). If they come out then great, order away.........if they shear off or are stuck in place then you'll want to order the alternative hole layout version, the diagram below explains more: