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FAR Defender front seat risers

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V2 now shipping! 

V2 changes include a slightly different aesthetic design and a brushed stainless steel finish. 

Our stainless steel front seat risers were a result of fitting and sitting on lots of existing versions on the market.

We are blessed with customers of all shapes and sizes which has helped us massively to find a lift and angle that works best for everyone's bums!!!....and also legs/knees...

....so the biggest issue we had with increasing the height of the seat was the steering wheel. Now obviously many Defender owners opt for a smaller wheel but there are alot of owners that stick with the standard massive wheel. 

We have therefore designed our risers to lift the back of the seat slightly more than the front and push the seat back over the seatbox rear seam. Because of the angle of the seatbox, this actually means you aren't lifting the seat by much at all, however the legroom is greatly increased.

The other big change we made was to make our risers stainless. We are shocked at how many risers we have seen that look like they have been used to paddle a sea kayak or shovel road salt! 

Anyway, fitting is easy...unbolt seat, bolt in risers, bolt in seats.....done. 

  • Sold as a pair (to fit 1 seat)

  • Stainless construction

  • Stainless hardware supplied