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FAR Defender dual battery tray - Pre-Puma

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Our own fully stainless steel dual battery tray to suit Defender battery boxes on vehicles pre-puma.

Our battery tray enables more flexibility with battery choice and placement due to the way we secure the batteries and the fact that the base is not a tray, instead it is a raised platform. 

Clamping/securing the batteries is done via a single central heavy duty bolt which locates into a choice of 7 different positions in the base plate. 

All fixings are stainless and fully replaceable to ensure an extremely long service life.

Suits 2 x batteries from the list below. Note if mixing batteries with different heights you will need to pack out one of the batteries in order to secure. We can provide engineering plastics that are suitable for this on request.

  • Odyssey PC1500

  • Optima Yellow/Red top

  • Numax DC27MF

  • Numax XDC27MF

  • Numax CXV27MF