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FAR Defender Drawer System

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Our Defender drawer systems are built to be incredibly strong and useful

The "Stumpy" rack is the first and shortest rack for Defender's that we have produced. It provides storage the full width of the vehicle by 300mm deep. Perfect for coats, blankets, umbrellas, recovery straps...etc.

The shelf has an optional front/rear guard, normally this is mounted to the front but it can be fitted the other way round so that shelf is accessible from the front of the vehicle rather than the rear.

A dog/luggage guard is available, this isn't a full height version but a short version designed to close the gap above the second row seats. A full height dog guard is in design.

3 Configurations exist initially with more in development:

  • Shelf

  • Shelf with front/rear guard

  • Shelf with dog/luggage guard

  • Shelf with front guard and dog/luggage guard



  • Aluminium construction, lightweight and strong.

  • Zinc etched primed with a satin black powdercoated finish.

  • Stainless hardware.

  • Lasercut mesh layout is compatible with all of our fabric pouches.

  • M6 mounting holes for bolting accessories to including our own extras which are in development.

  • No modification to vehicle required.

  • Easy DIY installation in approx 1 hour by 1 person.