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FAR Defender 2.4 TDCI stainless steel fuel cooler guard

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When Land Rover introduced the TDCI engines to the Defender in 2007 they mounted a fuel cooler on the inside of the chassis rail beneath the engine bay which is a vulnerable area to stones, debris and more importantly so there is sufficient airflow over the fuel cooler to still function.

We have designed a very simple guard which encloses the area from getting caught, hit etc by large items. We have made the guard open enough that small stones, mud, dirt, water etc can pass through freely.

We have used stainless cage nuts instead of aluminium rivet nuts that are found on other versions of this product for better corrosion resistance and the nuts can easily be changed if necessary although this should never be the case. We can provide replacement nuts if required.

The guard is made from 2mm stainless steel and is supplied with all stainless hardware. Others on the market are mild steel and zinc plated.

The guard is simple enough to be fitted by almost anyone in under half an hour.