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FAR - Defender 130 Double cab Locking Seatbox safe - PUMA (2007 onwards)

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Up until 2007 all Defender 130 double cabs had a "toolbox" under the rear seats, this was an aluminium flap with catches similar to what is under the front seats. For some reason (probably the new style PUMA rear seats) this storage box no longer has a hatch to access it, which is a real shame given how useful that amount of storage is in a Defender double cab! With this in mind, we set out to make a simple and secure hatch which is lockable and gives good access to this space. 

The FAR locking seatbox safe for PUMA Defender 130 double cabs is a simple kit consisting of a stainless frame which is fitted to the seatbox after cutting out an aperture for the frame to sit on. The frame clamps the thin aluminium with two layers of 2mm stainless steel to strengthen the seatbox top. There are two options for the lid, either a hinged version which has lockable latches then hinges up to give access. The other version is a lift out hatch which once unlocked can be lifted out to give fantastic access to the storage beneath.