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FAR Defender 110/130 second row footlights (PUMA)

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Our new FAR second row footlights address the lack of light in the second row of Defender 110 and 130 vehicles. 

We designed these to be a nice and simple retrofit item that can be wired into the interior light circuit or alternatively operated by a switch. 

No modification is necessary and they fit all PUMA Defender second row seats including those fitted with our legroom extenders

Our new FAR second row seat risers for Defender TDCI 110 models resolves an issue with the standard angle/height of the seats in second row location.

The lights do not come with any connectors, just a standard 2 core 12v wire. Please get in touch if you need some advice with wiring or require a custom wiring kit made up which we can supply. 

Available in a pack or 2 or 4, including:

  • Sturdy steel brackets, zinc primed and finished in a satin black powdercoat.

  • Stainless steel fitting kit.

  • Features a sealed LED with a low consumption of 0.02 amps per unit.