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FAR - Blue Sea fuse panel mounting kit

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We've been using the Blue Sea fuse panels for many years now. They are a solid product that is used in most of our builds.

The only problem we have with them is nothing to do with the product itself but with installation and wire management. For this reason we decided to design a kit that raises the fuse panel off of the mounting surface and routes wires underneath the panel so they can be kept tidy and also reduce snagging on the wires.

The mounting kit is fabricated out of 3mm thick aluminium, it can be mounted with rivets or bolts.

The total depth of all mounting kits is 23mm.

We currently offer 3 sizes:

    • Single 6-way fuse panel mounting kit

    • Double 6-way fuse panel mounting kit

    • Single 12-way fuse panel mounting kit.

Each kit is supplied with:

    • Mounting kit

    • Rivets

    • M5 stainless bolts, washers and nyloc nuts

    • Rubber grommets to fit in the wire routing holes.

    • Hardware for mounting the Blue Sea fuse panel to the mounting kit.