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FAR - Audison Prima front speaker kit for Defender TDCI models

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One of the biggest complaints with any Defender has been audio...whether that be outside noise or the lack of decent audio from inside.

Unlike some of it's more polished relations in the Land Rover and Range Rover family, Defenders have been neglected in terms of audio systems. The XS models were treated with slightly better head units than the base models but the speakers don't receive love (apart from the XS models receiving dash mounted tweeters) so we've spent lots of our workshop time on audio over the years and learnt lots along the way.

The Audison Prima kit we have put together is the latest and greatest from us to provide a high quality, high performance speaker system in a plug-and-play package.

Our Audison kit for TDCI front dashboards provides you with a replacement 4" or 100mm mid/bass driver for the lower area of the dashboard with a new speaker grille and a new tweeter for the upper dashboard (you don't have to have factory tweeters as standard for this kit to work)

In the kit we supply our own tweeter mounting bracket out of a brand new, genuine Land Rover tweeter housing. This is done with a CNC setup in house and means that the tweeter fits perfectly with no modification required at all.

We manufacture our own wiring loom which plugs into the existing lower speaker wiring in the vehicle (in all models) and supplies speaker connection to the new lower speakers and the new tweeters via a crossover filter. This is the most plug and play kit available on the market.



    • Audison AP 4 component speakers - 40 W Continuous Power, 120 W Peak Power in a 100mm (4" driver)

    • Audison AP 1 component tweeters - Hi-pass filtered 3.5 kHz @ 12 dB Oct. 150 W Peak Power

    • Audison crossovers housed in a FAR speaker loom, fully soldered and tested.

    • FAR tweeter housing to suit AP 1 - Manufactured from a new, genuine Land Rover tweeter housing part.

    • Audison APG4 - Grill Set 100mm