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FAR - Anti-theft fuel cut off solenoid valve kit

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This is our own fuel solenoid cut off kit designed for DIY installation. With Defender thefts as high as they are it's definitely worth making a potential thief's job as hard as possible....our fuel cut off solenoid kit is a good example of a simple layer of protection to help you sleep at night!

This kit is suitable for all Defender engines, if in doubt, please check the technical details further down the page. We have tested this on:

  • TD5 engine

  • TDCI 2.2 engine

  • P38 2.5 DSE engine

We have deliberately included no photos of the product so it is harder to identify. Our kit includes a stainless bracket and shield which obscures the IP65 rated solenoid so that it's harder to find/bypass. There are several ways it can be mounted also to make installation simple for all vehicles.


  • Complete with all fittings including electrical terminals, fuel hose clamps, cable ties, rivets, bolts....etc.

  • Enough wiring for short to long wheelbase vehicles.

  • Toggle switch.

  • High quality IP65 rated fuel cut off solenoid, draws no power when fuel is cut off. Draws less than 1 amp when activated. 

  • Suitable for petrol and diesel vehicles.

  • Comprehensive instructions.

  • Stainless bracket and shield to obscure the solenoid and make bypassing more difficult for thieves. 


  • Voltage: 12v

  • Fuel bore: 3,5mm

  • Hose ID: 8mm

  • Current draw: 0.44 amp

  • Pressure: 0-3 bar

  • Flow rate: 2-7.7 ltr/min