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Eton Active Subwoofer USB 8

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The Eton Active Subwoofer USB 8 is an ideal fit for our FAR Cubby Box Subwoofer Enclosures

Aside from fitting in our Defender Cubby Box Subwoofer Enclosures, these are fantastic little underseat subwoofers, very solidly built and the performance we've seen from these has been amazing.

An 8", dual voice coil driver takes care of air movement while the in-built 2 X 50 Watt RMS on board amplifier provides controlled performance down to the deepest reaches of the audio spectrum.

The wiring supplied make installation nice and simple. The wiring loom supplied is modular meaning if you don't want to use some elements of it then you're not left with something you need to hack to fit your needs. 

Power wiring is supplied along with an inline fuse.

Audio input can be via high level input (speaker level) by using the included speaker wires which can be tied into the front speakers to feed the subwoofer.

Audio can alternatively be via low level (phono) by using phono leads which are not included.

The USB 8 has a remote to control the bass level and is prewired with an RJ11 style plug.



Maximum Output Power: 160 W (80 W x 2)
Impedance: 2+2 Ohm
Low pass filter: 30 Hz
High Level in for OEM radios
Maximum current: 12 A
Remote control (cable)
Compact aluminium cabinet