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Discovery 3/4 Sill Protectors

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We got our first Discovery 3 at Far HQ, and with the dire UK winter weather we noticed the amount of mud, grit and just plain filth that had built up on the sills when you get in and out which means the paint is going to get wrecked. We confirmed our suspicion of ruined paintwork with our customers, so we decided to market this new product.

Our sill protectors are cut from tough vinyl and designed to protect your paintwork from scuffs and scratches and are available in matt black and carbon fibre effect...they are available in other colours on request, drop us an email via the contact form.

The protectors are designed as a sacrificial layer and as such they may get damaged over time but the idea is that they are a barrier between day to day muck and your paintwork, and a cheaper alternative to colour matching paint to cover scratches and scuffs!