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Discovery 3 and 4 Rock Sliders with Tree Bars

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These are our no nonsense, tough as hell rock sliders to suit the Discovery 3 and 4 models.

We do have other models in production that have some fancy features and details but these are your solid, ridiculously strong versions designed for those that need to just get out and use their vehicles for work, play and adventure.

The way that rock sliders fit the sill on the Discovery 3 and 4 is actually one of our most preferred methods of fixing a structural component like this to the vehicle. Sadly these areas do also suffer from corrosion but hey, most vehicles do suffer from rot on the sills but we do have repair panels coming out soon for these. 

We have left the ends open on our sliders just because there is no structural benefit to closing them off and the amount of mud and moisture that gets trapped under the end caps really concerned us when we tried this approach out....but we are bringing out removable end caps for those that want this as an option that is then removable for cleaning. Our preference is to repair the sills if necessary, liberally treat with your preferred rust preventative treatment then fit the sliders. 


  • All fixings are high tensile stainless steel for longevity.
  • The main sill skin of our rock sliders is made from 5mm structural steel
  • The tubular section of the sliders is 4mm thick, fully welded.
  • The units are then zinc treated, then finished with a 2 stage powdercoat finish.....the final finish of which is an extremely durable and grippy textured finish.
  • We have accessories coming out very soon which we are currently testing including rock lights and underbody sliders and removable end bash guards