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Discovery 3 & 4 Headlight Anti Theft Security Brackets

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With the introduction of the Discovery 4 and their fancy new headlight units came an increase in theft of headlights both on Discovery 3 and 4 models due to the ease of removal from the outside of the vehicle.

The reason for the increase in theft is the plastic catch at the rear of the headlight which can be released without opening the bonnet allowing the headlights to be removed.

Our stainless steel brackets have been designed to be fitted using 2 existing bolts located just behind the headlight assembly and prevent the plastic headlight release tab from lifting. Our brackets need to be removed in order to remove the headlights, which means the bonnet must be opened, preventing opportune thief’s from having a pop at your lights.

We also include 2 optional small stickers which can be positioned by the headlight informing that this kit is fitted to hopefully put off thief’s from even trying.

An extremely simple to fit product which can be done by anyone with a set of torx keys.

If you would like new bolts to replace the 4 shown in the images on your vehicle these are on order at the moment in stainless steel to the original Land Rover spec. These sell at £9.99 per vehicle set and are available here.