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Discovery 3 / 4 2-inch receiver, high version

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Our 2 inch receivers are available in two different heights. This version is the high version, it sits higher and because of this it does sit behind the rear bumper so it sticks out further than the lower version does. 

Fabricated from 10mm steel and 6mm steel, fully welded, zinc plated, powder coated and we now finish with a textured 2K topcoat. The reason for this topcoat is this product is a high contact item and, with the best will in the world,  the paint is likely to chip and wear with normal use. The 2K topcoat is much easier to touch up.

A4 high tensile stainless steel fixings.

Extra strong clamping bolt benefits from 16mm of thread contact. We do this on all our receivers and it works great at stopping your 2 inch receiver accessories from rattling.

Stainless steel receiver pin.

Land Rover 2 inch receiver plug sold separately..... available here.