Deutsch DT Series Connector

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Deutsch DT multiple cable environmentally-sealed connectors, supplied with terminals for 0.5mm² to 1.00mm². The housings can also accommodate 1.00mm² to 2.00mm² terminals available separately.

  • The Deutsch DT Series Connector is rated at 13 Amps continuous.
  • Thermoplastic housing withstands conditions of extreme temperature and moisture.
  • Accommodates wire sizes up to 2.00mm².
  • Kit supplied with terminals and seals for 0.5-1.00mm² automotive cables and vehicle wiring.
  • Separate Wedgelocks and housings are available in packs of 100.
  • Separate terminals also available for 0.5-1.00mm² cables and 1.00-2.00mm² cables.