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Defender PUMA - Double Din fascia kit

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We have fitted various Double Din kits to PUMA Defenders over the year and this is by far the best one we have used. 

Unlike others:

  • this kit comes with a new heater control graphic panel....so no need to remove and reuse from existing dash fascia
  • this kit includes the full fascia so there is no need to cut off and reuse the upper vents and clock housing from the existing fascia. This also means that you can have a Gloss or Matte fascia regardless of your existing fascia.
  • the upper vents included can be adjusted, something that can't be done on the original dashboard fascia.


  • Defender 2007 onwards, all models.
  • Retains OEM clock.
  • Retains all buttons.
  • Double din mounting brackets included.