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Defender Bumper bolt-on Light mounting tab

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A very simple product that was designed specifically for a customer who wanted to mount a pair of spotlights discreetly onto an existing bumper which did not have light mounts. 

These are made from 3mm stainless steel and available raw or powdercoated black. 

Fitting is extremely simple, remove the bumper bolts and place the light bracket on the top of the bumper, refit bumper bolts and tighten. Don't worry if you have a change in level or anything like that on the bumper tabs for your bumper as we provide a few different types of washers to remedy this.

A further hole is located on the product to be drilled through your bumper and fixed to your bumper if your lights are on the heavy side. Optionally we have had customers use a 3M tape or similar in place of this extra fixing if you would rather not drill your bumper......obviously depends on the weight of the lights you are fitting and how you use/drive your Defender.

And yes we are well aware of the unfortunate phallic resemblance.