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Defender 110 rear mudflap reinforcement kit

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Fit our 110 rear Mudflap reinforcement brackets to protect the mounting hole for your rear mudflaps or to repair your wings if the mounting bolt has already pulled through!

Defender 110 mudflaps mount to the chassis and to the bottom of the rear wings....which are extremely weak and thin aluminium.

The issue is that the M6 bolt that goes through the steel mudflap bracket and through the aluminium wing can sometimes fidget and the difference in materials can also cause corrosion. In both cases the bolt can end up pulling through the wing leaving no way of refitting a mudflap bracket. Also we've seen many of these brackets get caught off road and even on a very new Defender wing....they rip clean out.

So our reinforcement brackets are an extremely simple product that clamp over the thin aluminium and bolt through either side of the original bolt position. The centre hole in the bracket can then be used to mount your mudflap brackets securely.

We supply two fitting options....the first is stainless nuts and bolts.....the second is rivets.

We also supply anti-corrosive gaskets and anti-corrosive grease to protect your wings even further.