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Carling Contura 2 Switch Bodies

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Choose from 13 different variations of the solid and industry respected Carling Contura 2 switch bodies.

All Contura 2 switches are rated to 20 amps, plenty to allow some circuits to provide loads via the switch without the need for relays, get in touch if you have any questions with regards to relays and wiring as we've been wiring these for years for all sorts of uses!!

Building a Contura 2 Carling switch is easy:

  1. Choose the correct body for the required application

  2. Choose a Rocker

  3. Choose a mount

  4. Choose any terminals, multiplugs, seals...etc.

US or EU style?:

US style Carling switches switch On by pushing the switch up, these are the most common style and if you've ordered switches before May 2016 this is what you will have.

EU style Carling switches switch On by pushing the switch down and are a relatively new style.

ARB Style:

We sell the ARB style bodies which have a white led as opposed to green or amber found in other variations. When used with the ARB style blue rockers you get something like below:

Image result for arb carling switches