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AP/APX 6.5 Speaker with Discovery 2 door kit - Front & Second Row Doors

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Part of our Discovery 2 speaker solution are these AP/APX 6.5 based speaker mounts for front and second row doors in Discovery 2 vehicles. 

Discovery 2 vehicles had speakers in a lower position on the doors, the specification of the speaker varied based on the trim level as some were complimented by 1 or 2 extra speakers per seating position. The size remains the same though,

Our kit allows connection to existing speaker wire connector and also provides components to cut off the existing plug and recrimp/solder if your plugs aren't in great condition.

You have an option on the type of speaker you fit, coax or component speakers. The component speakers are the AP 6.5 from Audison, they are designed to delivery low frequency so are designed to be complimented by mid and/or high level speakers. If you are having speakers in the upper section of the door then this is the speaker to choose.

The Coax option is the APX 6.5 from Audison, this can provide the full range of sound frequency as it contains an inbuilt tweeter so if you intend to only have the lower speakers then this is the speaker to choose


  • 2 x Audison AP/APX 6.5 Speakers.
  • 2 x FAR Discovery 2 front and second row door lower speaker mount.
  • 2 x components for connection to existing wires connectors
  • 2 x components for connection to main speaker wires.