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AP-1 Tweeter with Discovery 2 Door mount - Second Row Doors

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Part of our Discovery 2 speaker solution are these AP-1 based tweeter mounts for second row doors in Discovery 2 vehicles. 

Some Discovery 2 vehicles had speakers in an upper position on the second row doors, but regardless of factory fitment, the door casings themselves always have a recess for an upper speaker.

Our kit allows connection to existing speaker wires if a speaker was fitted at upper level and also allows connection via the main speaker if upper speakers were not fitted and no wires exist.


  • 2 x Audison AP-1 Tweeters with optional crossover.
  • 2 x FAR Discovery 2 second row door upper speaker mount for AP-1
  • 2 x components for connection to existing wires.
  • 2 x components for connection to main speaker wires.