A-frame bracket and ball joint - HIGH ANGLE - 45 DEGREE - Defender, Discovery 1, RRC

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Increasing axle articulation and suspension movement can strain or even break the standard A frame ball joint as its movement was only designed to accommodate the standard wheel travel. 

TF1129ULTRA allows 45 degrees of movement which will not restrict even the most radical suspension set up.

To prolong service life the TF1129ULTRA joint is fully adjustable and greaseable for maintenance. 

The ball joints are a quality replacement part equivalent to LR Part No. ANR1799 and RHF500110. fitted into a new A frame bracket.

Suits Defender, Discovery 1 and Range Rover Classic

TF1129ULTRA 45deg. articulation, adjustable and greaseable

This part does not come with replacement mounting bolts due to the range of vehicles it fits and the number of different bolts that fit these vehicles.