The technology behind soundproofing has moved on in leaps and bounds, we’ve been fortunate enough to work on some great vehicles over the years and see the benefits of modern soundproofing in all sorts of vehicles.

If you are interested in soundproofing your vehicle yourself then please go to our store and look through the materials we sell to get the job done, feel free to call up for advise or a quote.

The process is very involved, we remove trim using the correct tools to prevent marking or distress to your interior

If we haven’t already done so, we assess the area’s and give you options and key areas that need treating. This can be done over emails or a cup of tea, eitherway we can make sure you’re aware of the weak points of your particular vehicle to both outside noise and areas of audible distortion.

After soundproofing your vehicle will feel tighter, more solid…. In a weird way it really does breathe youth into a vehicle, doors slam nicer, road noise feels more isolated.

In terms of audio, the process allows you to listen to your speakers how they were intended to be heard, not the effect on the metal and plastic panels of your vehicle. Reverberation especially in the lower frequencies can be eliminated and make your vehicle a truly special place to listen to your favourite music.

The last step involves a vigorous test of your audio system using frequency tracks where we look for any weak points in trim which might only come in at specific frequencies. We can offer solutions to any issues we find so the whole process of works is as transparent as can be.

There are other benefits that are not always obvious, temperature in particular is something that customers are often surprised by. The insulation process around gearbox tunnels and on roof panels can keep heat out and in respectively…..think of it in a similar way to insulating your household.

Those that are thinking about investing in this process for their vehicle are either very fond of their vehicle or spend alot of time on the road…. Or both. That is why we document the process thoroughly with photos and a writeup so that you can keep this with your vehicle, increasing the value considerably in some cases.

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