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FAR - Discovery 1 and 2 Rear door dual table setup - V2

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***Please note that this is a made to order item and will be dispatched 5-7 working days after the order has been placed***

Hardboard?!?! No thanks!

The original hardboard rear door card from Land Rover used on Discovery 1 and 2 models doesn't have a place on overland vehicles....at least we don't think so.

We started messing around making lasercut door cards then stood back and looked at all the wasted space on this massive door and started designing our solution....

Our door card fits really easily, we've put a fair amount of time into getting the actual door card shape right, obviously there are tolerances which Land Rover owners have come to terms with, but we've been successful on all the ones we've looked at.

Once fitted you have two tables, a small table and a large table suitable for cooking on, preparing food...etc. Both tables have adjustable webbing strap stays and latches which have a safety lock on them when closed to avoid them coming undone on rough terrain.

Both shelves have built in locations for recessed led lights that can be found here, the top shelf can have 1 of these led units and the larger, low shelf can have upto 2, there is also provision to mount Carling switches in the crossbars which as well as switching outside lighting, invertors, water pumps....etc, they can be used to switch your table led's


  • The main door card is aluminium, which is etch primed and finished in a tough satin black powdercoat.

  • The tables are stainless steel, with stainless steel latches, hinges, fixings...etc.

  • Both tables have black webbing straps on adjustable stainless brackets.

  • Rivnuts provided which replace the existing plastic trim clips in doors.

  • DIY Rivnut tool instructions and parts supplied if you don't have a tool.

  • LED light mounting locations for LED lights (1 location for top table, 2 locations for bottom)

  • Switch locations are no longer standard as when not fitted the mounting cutouts look terrible. If you require switch locations cutting in, please add a note in your order and we will do our best to help you.

  • Custom tables available, please get in touch.

  • Stainless steel bottle opener in two locations so bottles can be opened when tables are closed and open easily.

  • Depth of tables: top, short table 124mm deep and bottom, long table 254mm deep

***PLEASE NOTE - that there is a 7 day lead time on this item at present***