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Discovery 2 high level storage shelf - MK2

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MK2 introduces a removable front guard which means the guard can be ordered separately if you want to order it at a later date or remove the guard if the vehicle has a dog/luggage guard fitted after fitting our shelf.


Our Discovery 2 high level storage shelf makes uses of the often unused space in the load area of Discovery 2 vehicles where the roof gets higher to allow for headroom if you had load area seats.

Our shelf bolts through the interior trim into existing nuts located in the bodyshell, this results in a strong and safe shelf to store away sleeping bags, coats, bags.....etc.

The main body of the shelf is removable from the brackets which mount to the body should you wish to remove the shelf to make use of the full height.

We also have an optional front guard for vehicles which don't have dog/luggage guards to stop items on the shelf falling off the front. If you have a dog/luggage guard then the shelf can be adjusted upto this to stop things falling off.

The shelf and optional front guard both have a grid of M6 holes for mounting accessories, quickfist clamps...etc off as well as our own accessories which we will be bringing out shortly. Also if you would like a custom bracket designing we can do this for you.

Pouches and accessories can also be strapped onto the shelf, we have our own range of "Roo" pouches available, and just about any MOLLE pouch will also fit for those of you that might already have some.

Instructions come with a template for cutting into your interior trim and fitting the brackets if you don't have grab handles in the load area, no special tools are required.