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Defender/Series STEALTH - HD LED Numberplate lamp w/accessory mount point

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***Please note there is a 7-10 day lead time on this product at present***

European Community Registered Design Pending

The Far Corners STEALTH HD LED Numberplate lamp is our answer to the standard plastic jobby that we have gotten used to over the years, there is nothing wrong with the standard unit, it does its job pretty well when its not full of water and dirt, but its a fairly ugly lump of plastic that we felt deserved a rethink! Our numberplate lamp developed from a mod we were going to make to allow us to mount a worklamp from the standard numberplate lamp, but why not start again and design something rugged and multifunctional from scratch, plus this would let us change one thing that has niggled us for years....why is the numberplate lamp not centred on the numberplate!?! Housing a tough, totally sealed led unit in a heavy duty powder-coated aluminium body, we think our numberplate lamp is a better choice for those who use their Land Rover for what it was designed for, no need to worry if its working, or if its full of muck. You also have the option of mounting a worklamp, cb aerial, reverse camera or whatever you want on the sturdy top face of the body, obviously it all depends on the vehicle, a cb aerial is best mounted if you have a pickup to stop it whipping the body. The shape of our numberplate lamp is designed to deflect any collisions whether it be you loading items into your Land Rover or something falling off your roof rack...etc. The depth of the unit is only 25mm longer than the standard Land Rover numberplate lamp (80mm deep), we have made it this depth to allow accessories to be mounted but we have tapered the end both horizontally and vertically so that this extra depth does not cause issues. In order to fit the Far Corners HD Numberplate lamp, you simply unbolt your old one, drill out the existing holes to accept M6 bolts, then lineup the housing onto the body and mark the two bottom holes for drilling. You need to drill these additional holes in your Land Rover, this is so the mounting can withstand any additional weight you want to put on it, but we will be launching a SD (standard duty) version very soon that requires no modification, please contact us for more details on this as we are unsure what interest there will be for this product. Features:

  • Suitable for all models of Land Rover Defender

  • Heavy duty sealed 12v/24v LED fitted to illuminate numberplate.

  • Minimal modification to vehicle, only 2 new M6 holes to drill, reuses all existing holes also.

  • All stainless steel fittings provided

  • Made from 3mm Aluminium, TIG welded and powdercoated satin black. Other colours available or can be supplied raw, please contact us for details.

  • NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ALL LADDERS, THE UNIT STICKS OUT 105MM (25mm longer than standard Land Rover part)

  • M10 Mounting hole suitable for Worklamps, CB Aerial mounts, reverse camera...etc. (THESE ARE NOT INCLUDED)

  • Zinc plated spreader plate to rear of panel.

  • Slots in side to hold cable ties to organise wiring.

  • Now supplied with hollow M10 bolts which we make especially, along with nyloc nut and washer, this is to help route worklight cables for worklights that have a solid bolt.