“ADVENTURER” 1.5 Ltrs Ghillie Kettle – Hard Anodised

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The Ghillie Kettle is a product we have been using for years, it’s a fantastically simple system, made to a very high quality that if looked after can provide a lifetime of manly tea drinking moments! The Ghillie Kettle is a hollow aluminium cylinder with a flask style construction that houses water around it’s core. A fire is lit in the hollow void using pretty much anything you can find……twigs, paper, card….and our personal favourite albeit smokey, pine cones! Anyway, the fire boils the water, the kettle is lifted off and the kettle lid/whistle is removed and used to tip the water out using it’s chain so you don’t get burnt.

This Kettle boils approximately 5 Mugs of water in minutes and is the largest type we make.
Lightweight 0.9kg
Holds up to 1.42ltrs
Height: 34cm / 13inchs
Width: 18.5cm / 7.3inchs (at its widest point)

Comes with its own hard wearing carry bag.

Made in the UK

Ideal to keep in your kit, even if not your main stove you don’t need to worry about gas or liquid fuel.

Don’t forget the fact that you can also cook simple meals using the Kettle with the cook kits available in our store.