Focal FD1.350 – Ultra-Compact Monoblock Amplifier

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We are a big fan of these amplifiers for so many reasons, which is why we use them in house so much on our builds.

Gone are the days of massive amplifiers which used to make placement so difficult, especially in overland vehicles where let’s face it, you spend a hell of alot of time clocking up miles listening to your tunes, so listen to them in quality and amp up your speakers.

Using dedicated amplifiers improves the performance of your speakers a huge amount over the built-in amplifiers found in stock and aftermarket head units, if you are upgrading your speakers you really should consider amplifying them, it’s not just for huge bass and cranking the volume up….give us a call if you want to discuss your setup.

The FD 1.350 is a mono block amplifier specifically designed for handling a subwoofer channel. It has a power of 210 and 350 Watts RMS under 4 and 2 Ohms respectively. In order to configure the system’s bass according to the car’s installation; it is equipped with an active crossover, bass correction and phase adjustment.

  • Mono D Class amplifier with dual output
  • High-level inputs with auto-detection / RCA low-level inputs
  • Compatible with OEM head units thanks to the audio transformers – auto detection feature

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