FAR Defender Rear Recovery Point

£49.00 inc. VAT

Available on back-order



Made from lasercut 10mm steel our rear recovery point for Land Rover Defenders is extremely durable and strong. It also doubles up as a foot-hold for climbing into the load area of the Defender.

No modification to the vehicle is necessary, the recovery point picks up on the existing captive bolts in the crossmember. 

Early model Defenders may not have the captive nuts in the crossmember but will have the holes. If this is the case for you then we’ll shortly be adding a spreader plate and extended bolts to tackle this. In the meantime if you get in touch with us we can give you an idea when these will be available to ship.

Later Defenders including 300TDI, TD5 and TDCI (Puma) models will have the captive nuts and can be ordered normally.

We supply all required hardware in A4 stainless, these are equivalent rating to the 8.8 grade mild steel bolts that are used as standard in the crossmember for towbar installation.