FAR – Defender 110 Stainless Steel rear mudflap brackets with tow electrics socket

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An alternate version of our stainless 110 rear mudflap brackets but the right hand bracket has a mounting point for a tow socket (7 pin or 13 pin). We have started making this having fitted a 2 inch receiver to a customers 110 which would occasionally be used for towing, and when not used for towing the off road clearance had to be similar to standard. A small patch cable which is fitted to the 2 inch receiver towbar adapter plugs into the socket on the mudflap ready to tow…..and when removed the tow electrics are very discrete and protected (make sure you use a tow socket with gaskets!! Speak to us if you want recommendations) 

Defender mudflap brackets have earned a reputation of being pretty awful. We have two of the last 110 Defender’s and despite being well looked after the paint started flaking off within the first 2 years. 

Not happy with this we went about making a replica bracket out of 2mm stainless steel which won’t rust. 

Very straight forward to fit, if your mudflaps are in good condition (they usually outlive the brackets by many years) then you can reuse these with our brackets. The instructions show you how to swap them over.

All stainless fixings provided.

Provided as a stainless standard bracket for the left side and a tow electrics bracket for the right side.

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