Albright SU280 Isolator – 250a

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The Albright SU280 series contactor is perfectly suited for winch isloation or heavy duty battery split charge systems.They have double breaking main contacts with silver alloy contact tips, which are weld resistant, hard wearing and have excellent conductivity.

Mounting is by means of 5mm tapped holes in the switch frame together with a range of mounting brackets complete with screws and washers.

12V DC coil, coil connections are by means of 6mm spades of which two are supplied per terminal.

Main Contact Configuration

Thermal Current Rating 100%

Intermittent Current Rating
30% Duty     450A
40% Duty     390A
50% Duty     360A
60% Duty     320A
70% Duty     300A

Typical fault currents which can be ruptured
(5ms time constant)
Without Blowouts     1500A at 48V D.C.
With Blowouts     2500A at 48V D.C.
With Blowouts     1500A at 80V D.C.

Maximum Recommended Contact Voltages
(Inductive Load)
Without Blowouts     48V D.C.
With Blowouts     96V D.C.

Typical Voltage Drop Across Contacts per 100A
Normally Open     40mV

Mechanical Life
>5 x 106

Coil power dissipation
Very Intermittent (HO)     40-50 Watts
Intermittently rated types(INT)     30-40 Watts
Prolonged rated types (PO)     15-30 Watts
Continuously rated types (CO)     10-15 Watts

Maximum pull-in voltage
Intermittently rated types     60%V
Continuously rated types     66%V

Typical drop-out voltage

Typical pull-in time
(n/o contacts to close)     30ms

Typical drop-out time
(n/o contacts to open)     
Without suppression     8ms
With diode suppression     60ms
With diode and resistor (depending on value)     25ms

Typical contact bounce period

Auxiliary contact thermal current rating

Auxiliary Contact Switching Capacities (Resistive Load)
5A at 24V D.C.
2A at 48V D.C.
0.5A at 240V D.C.

Recommended Mounting Orientation
Horizontal or Vertical, if vertical coil at bottom.